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I love making jewelry & I love supporting charity. If you noticed I don't discount Knight&Hammer. I work too hard, pay excellent wages, every piece is created in the USA and you can rest-assure knowing that no child in a foreign country made my jewelry - every piece is a work of art and worth every penny. So this year, I thought I would combine my two passions and make your jewelry purchase even more meaningful as 30% of the purchase price will be donated to your favorite charity* from BlackFriday until Christmas eve. Make a Difference!  30% OF YOUR PURCHASE WILL BE DONATED TO YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY! IT'S SIMPLE, WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, IN THE NOTE SECTION LET...

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...ornate jewelry is taking over Autumn season.

...ornate jewelry is taking over Autumn season. The clothes themselves may get all the glory, but we’d be remiss not to note the best accessories of the Fall collections.   INTO THE RED...KNIGHT&HAMMERMUST HAVES THIS SEASON Fall's reigning hue? Without a doubt, red and every variation therein. From lipstick red to tomato red to blood red, there was no shortage of this attention-getting shade. - Vogue   At Knight&Hammer we love for our jewelry to offer multiple options. Long necklaces can become dramatic chokers and stunning bracelets.  

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Tongue Out Tuesday isn't Just for the Dogs!

Almost every Tuesday, somewhere on social media I post a picture of one of my canine daughters with their tongue out. But this Tuesday, inspired by all the RED accessories for Autumn 2015, I decided to share a piece from my Le Mal Afrique collection that will make your tongue fall out - it is so gorgeous and versatile! Bohemian Glass Rubies & Diamonds c.1850 magnificent red Vaseline molded and faceted bicone trade beads strung with three 18K white gold 6mm diamond ball clasp set with approximately 3 carats of fine diamonds. This can be transformed into a single necklace, a choker with bracelet or three bracelets. Love what I do & so grateful I get to do what I love...

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Knight&Hammer is must-have Earrings this Autumn

"The single earring trend of seasons past gathered speed for fall, with every version on the jewelry statement you could imagine. They were mismatched eighties club-kid style, glittering and shoulder-dusting length, and seemed to cover almost every inch of the ear—and face." - Vogue   A Knight&Hammer collector once said, "How can you call these stripper earrings?" I replied, "Whenever I see a woman wearing these earrings I imagine her lover so turned on that he is stripping her clothes off and starts making passionate love to her." Needless to say I sold every pair of earrings that day and ultimately renamed them Goddess earrings.   Kelly Marie Dooley, Knight&Hammer's SuperMuse! ENTREPRENEUR  * FITNESS  & FASHION GURU * PUBLIC SPEAKER * REALITY TV * ...

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HAPPY 94th BIRTHDAY IRIS ♥ BE A PIRATE ★ Made by a Knight fit for a Queen ★   Iris Apfel (born August 29, 1921) is an American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon. Iris is a constant source of inspiration for Knight&Hammer. "Layer it on girls," seems to us to be Mrs. Apfel's battle cry to today's women of all ages. We wish her years of health and happiness. As she mourns the recent passing of her husband, we hope she finds comfort in the memories from their long and beautiful married life.   Born Iris Barrel in Astoria, Queens,New York, Apfel is the only child of Samuel Barrel, whose family owned a glass-and-mirror business, and his Russian-born wife,...

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