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Knight&Hammer Dolce on SuperMuse...

At Knight&Hammer we've been blessed to have Kelly Marie Dooley as our SuperMuse. She is always inspiring, sexy, playful and super smart with loads of degrees. One of our favorite designers is Dolce & Gabbana. Nothing excites us more than when Kelly is wearing D&G draped in Knight&Hammer. It is a super awesome orgasm, without the mess! Thank you SuperMuse for bringing us joy with your selfies!

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We're so excited to let you know we've been accepted by the Pratt University Made in NYC program.  HOORAY FOR KNIGHT&HAMMER!  "Congratulations, you have been added to the Made In NYC directory! Let your customers know that your product was proudly Made In NYC. The Made In NYC program aims to support the companies that make products in NYC." - The Made In NYC Team

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Giving is Receiving...

I LOVE giving gifts! I LOVE Birthdays! But it is the joy of just giving a random gift, as when one of Elizabeth Taylor's husbands gave her a magnificent emerald ring and she asked why he said, "Darling, it is Tuesday and I love you."

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